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Basic Police Officer Training

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Our Basic Police Officer Training is a 900+ hour program that is conducted over a 24 week period. Students begin class at 0700 hours and are dismissed at 1600 hours, although there are some nights and weekends required throughout the program.

SJCCJTA’s Basic Police Officer Training academy has always been over 900 hours in length, with approximately 80+ hours being additional training based on our regional law enforcement departmental needs, such as NM Game & Fish, Patrol Interdiction, Explosives Recognition, Laser/Doppler Radar, Intoxylizer 8000, Blood Splatter & Photography, Active Shooter, Scenario Based Training, and Patrol K-9. Also, as a part of our Basic Academy curriculum we have added the 13-hour CPR/First Aid training that is normally required by NMDPS prior to the academy. In addition to their Basic Police Officer Law Enforcement Certificate, they will receive certificates in each of the additional trainings offered.

Most of our students are those who have already been employed by a police department and are sent here to be trained and certified prior to being assigned to the street as patrolmen. It is possible for individuals to sponsor themselves in the program, but they must meet the same testing criteria and pass the same background investigation as a police officer applicant to be admitted. Additionally, the individual would be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the program. If you’re interested in sponsoring yourself, email your contact information to sjccjta@gmail.com for more information.

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BPOT Academy #43 - July 09, 2018 - November 30, 2018